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Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland is looking for new civil society (CSO) and NGO- partners and new sanitation project suggestions from developing countries. Partners should be officially registered as CSO's or NGO's within their country policies and have to have good reputation as well as experience in sanitation (preferably ecological sanitation), water and hygiene projects in community level.

Final date for proposal submission is 28th February. For more information please see attached pdf file.

More info also:
Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland
Project Manager Ms. Sari Huuhtanen
e-mail: sambia@huussi.net
tel: +358 45 356 4099
skype: huussisari

Let's make the world a better place by hacking at Crapathon Helsinki!
When was the last time you spent a day without going to the toilet? 2.6 billion people on earth don't have toilets and need you to solve the issue! This year's World Bank hackathon's theme is sanitation. Sanitation is not only about toilets but about clean water and health. Challenges are enormous, opportunities are incredible. - Sanitation Hackathon

Sanitation Hackathon Helsinki, Aalto Venture Garage, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland - Saturday, December 1, 10:00 to Sunday, December 2, 18:00

Dry Toilet 2012 Conference
The Conference was held in Tampere, Finland on 22 - 24 August 2012.

Book of Abstracts - 4th International Dry Toilet Conference - DRY TOILET 2012 The Conference was a fruitful event and a success. We had 160 participants from 38 countries in the
Dry Toilet 2012 Conference and, in addition,
86 participants in the Finnish seminar "Käytä kuivana" on Thursday 23 August. We wish to thank all of you for joining and making the conference so international and successful. - Photographs from the Conference.

The next Dry Toilet Conference will be held, hopefully,
in 2015 in Tampere, Finland.


You can join our Facebook page for latest news at FB.com/DTFinland.

Picture: 'Final plenary 24 August 2012' by Erja Takala
Picture: 'Final plenary 24 August 2012' by Erja Takala

You can buy a toilet or equipment to Zambia from our shop (in Finnish).
Or make a free sum donation for a good purpose and we'll improve sanitation and health conditions in Zambia. In our projects we give hygiene education and build drytoilets for the schools, clinics and vulnerable families. People become healthier and they will have better future ahead.

  • Donations:
    - IBAN: FI65 5104 0020 0652 01
    - Account name: Käymäläseura Huussi ry
    - Reference number: 107

  • For more information and English Giftcards, contact: sambia@huussi.net or +358 45 356 4099

The Projects

Finnish drytoilets brochure 2011
The Global Dry Toilet Association published a new brochure which presents the Finnish dry toilet manufacturers. The brochure is also available online. Finnish Dry toilets brochure 2011 (pdf, 991 kB).

A Guide to Sanitation and Hygiene for Those Working in Developing Countries (2010)
You can download the guide here (pdf, 1,55 MB)

World Water Week in Stockholm 5.-11.9.2010: Nina Stenros and Anu Valve were rewarded the WASH Media Award
Huussitalikko Out of more than 180 entries from 40 countries, nine journalists have been named the winners of the 2009/2010 WASH Media Awards. The winners were rewarded to the third WASH Media Award for their excellence in reporting on water, sanitation and hygiene-related issues and for playing an important role in bringing the spotlight too the often neglected issues of sanitation for a dignified, safe and healthy life for billions of people. In Finland Nina Stenros and Anu Valve won High-income country category for journalistic excellence in “Shit happens, part 1/4”. 2009 GDTF awarded them The Golden Pitchfork.

Read more: WASH Media Award.

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