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Dry Toilet Award

2012 Annual Dry Toilet Award - "the Golden Pitchfork" - was presented to Mrs. Raini Kiukas, who is one of the founders of the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland. The Association thanks her for spreading the word of DT (dry toilet) technology all over the world and for kicking off the series of Dry Toilet Conferences.

2011 Dry Toilet Award was given to two person, Ph.D. Helvi Heinonen-Tanski from University of Eastern Finland and M.Sc. (Tech.) Erkki Santala from Finnish Environment Institute. They both have persistently enhanced the appropriate wastewater treatment in rurals areas of Finland. They have also mentioned that a dry toilet is a very good option in rural areas.

2010 Dry Toilet Award was given to professor Tuula Tuhkanen (Tampere University of technology) and web study module Safe and Sustainable Sanitation.

2009 the award was presented to Nina Stenros and Anu Valve, who made the TV-series Shit happens "Paska Juttu". Shit happens was a TV document consisting four parts. It presented Finnish toilet history, international toilet culture and showed when and why people are using waterflush toilet and what was happened to that flushing material.

2008 The "Golden pitchfork" was given to Restaurateur Ari Aaltonen from Restaurant "Patakukko". Mr Aaltonen runs a banquet restaurant for 100 people and a summer cafeteria at an old farm house near Kirkkonummi. The facilities are equiped with modern dry toilet units.

2007 the award was presented to Mr Jukka Lindroos from Pikku Vihreä Ltd for his long term work in the dry toilet sector. The company Pikku Vihreä was founded in 1992 and for a long time it was the only dry toilet and composter specialised store in Finland. Mr Lindroos is also a founding member of the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland.

2006 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland - International environment politics unit of the glogal affairs department. The award is presented especially to Mr Kari Karanko and Mr Jyrki Nissilä for their help in making it possible for delegates from developing nations attend the Dry Toilet Conferences.

2005 Tampere Polytechnic was awarded for its work on promotion of Dry Toilet Technology. Tampere Polytechnic has selected development of onsite waste water management as one of their main themes of R&D. They have included dry sanitation in their research in exemplary way.

2004 "The Golden Pitchfork" was given to Mrs Sirkka Malkki from the Work Efficiency Institute for her extensive research on dry toilets and composting.

2003 award was given to the municipality of Västanfjärd for their dedication for dry toilets and non-discharge community program.

2002 the first ever award was presented to "The Makki-team" of the state owned enterprise Metsähallitus, who manages over 12 milj. hectares of state owned land. "The Makki-team" has developed and managed dry toilets in the nature conservation and forest recreation areas of Finland.

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