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Past Events

World Exposition 2005 25th March to 25th Of September in Aichi, Japan. Web-pages

Dry Toilet Seminar 16th July 2005, Luopioinen, Finland
Lectures and dry toilet exhibition organised by Dry Toilet Organisation collected almost 250 visitors.

Sanna- Leena Rautiainen's lecture about using dry toilet abroad.

Presenting the yearly Dry Toilet Award
5th of June.

Participating in ECOSAN 2005 Conference
Durban, South-Africa, May 2005.

PUUCEE 2005 - Outhouse design competion
Organised together with Varsipuu ry
The winner will be chosen from eight models at the Freetime Expo in Turku on the 13th of March, 2005.

World Toilet Summit, Beijing, China
Mr Jukka Lindroos and Ms Kati Hinkkanen participated in the World Toilet Summit in Beijing, China from the 17th to the 19th of November 2004.

Jukka Lindroos' speech (Download Speech in PDF Format)

Promoting the use of dry toilets in several exhibitions year 2004
Home and Garden Expo - Helsinki
Freetime and Garden Expo - Turku
Garden Expo - Tampere

Dry Toilet Summer Seminar 2004
Nauvo, Finland, 10th of July
Exhibition and seminar, lectures in Finnish
Organised together with "Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry"
("Keep the Archipelago Tidy " Association

3rd World Water Forum
Kyoto, Japan in March 2003.

Mrs Raini Kiukas and Mr Juha Pulkkila representing the Global Dry Toilet Club.

Kyoto Declaration

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