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Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland
(Former Global Dry Toilet Club, originally Global Sanitet Club of Finland)

Käymäläseura Huussi ry

The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland is a registered association founded 2002 in Tampere, Finland. The objective of the association is to protect Finland's and the world's waters and to promote the implementation of the natural nutritional cycle.

Our vision is to make dry toilets an essential part of sustainable development, thus securing clean waters and a healthy environment for future generations. Our mission is to introduce functioning dry toilets together with controlled management of toilet waste and to make people aware of the benefits of dry sanitation.

To implement these objectives the association will:

  • collect and distribute information on different types
    of dry toilet solutions
  • develope dry toilet technology (DT-technology) and culture
  • promote the use of dry toilets
  • look after the interests of dry toilet users
  • organise exhibitions, conferences and other events
  • participate in research and publish research results
  • find ways to solve problems regarding dry toilets
  • make statements to the press and public regarding dry toilets
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