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suomi   The promotion of dry toilet use in the Karelian region 2009kartta

The toilets were built in municipal children´s health centre in the village of Derevjannoe (Rus. Деревянное) and in Vepsian Ethnographic Museum in Sholtozero (Rus. Шелтозеро). The children’s centre operates only during summer and it serves all children from the villages in the district. The museum is open all seasons and there are about 4000 visitors yearly.

Finnish manufacturers Lassila & Tikanoja (model Ekolet Vu)  and Raita Environment (model EV 200) supplied the dry toilet equipment through their Russian outlets. Ekolet Vu was chosen to Derevjannoe childrens´ camp and EV 200 to museum.


Vepsian ethnographic museum
Derevjannoe childrens´ camping site

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