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Finished projects and research

Drytoilets as part of European water and wastewater management
The aim of the project which started in the beginning of 2007 is to promote drytoilet technology in Europe. The target regions are Portugal, Baltian region and Finland. In practice the project is establishing relations to the target countries, to build drytoilets and educate people about the use of drytoilets. The material that is used in the project was gathered during a previous project “Drytoilets to Europe”. Now the experiences of the users of drytoilets can be utilized to adopt drytoilet culture to the target countries.

As a part of the project, The Global Dry toilet Club published a new Finnish dry toilets brochure. It presents the Finnish dry toilet manufacturers and their products. The brochure was published in the beginning of March 2007. You can find the brochure also in the internet. Finnish dry toilets brochure (pdf, size 1,7 Mb).

The immediate targets regarding the countries involved:

  1. In Finland to produce experiences and literal information on functionality of in-house-drytoilets and especially to inform people of the gathered information

  2. In Estonia and Latvia to collect experiences on the functionality of Finnish drytoilets and to inform people about the Finnish drytoilet technology through demonstration sites.

  3. In Portugal and Lithuania to learn about the legislation concerning the use of drytoilets and the ways to start co-operating to increase the level of knowledge on drytoilet technology.

Dry Toilets to Europe - project
Kati Hinkkanen, Global Dry Toilet Club, 2005-2006
The project will clarify the legislation and instructions concerning the use of toilet waste and construction of dry toilets. Indoor dry toilet demonstration sites will be constructed in Finland and few European countries.

The material from the project:

Drautzigas tualetes Drytoilet guide in Latvian (Pdf 1,2 Mb)

Kuivkäimläjuhend Drytoilet guide in Estonian (Pdf 1,3 Mb)

Guía de los baños secos Drytoilet guide in Spanish (Pdf 1,3 Mb)

Project brochure (Pdf 0,2 Mb)

Indoor drytoilets (Pdf 0,1 Mb)

DT Guide (Pdf 0,1 Mb)

Sanitation with development co-operation - training (SADE-training)
Sari Huuhtanen, Global Dry Toilet Club and Tampere Polytechnic, 2005.
The objective of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation and hygiene amond developing aid workers in Finland. A guide to sanitation and hygiene for those working in developing countries resulted from the project (in Finnish). Later on it was translated to English by Tampere Polytechnic University.

Classification of Commercial Waterless Toilets (abstract)
Sini Torsti, Tampere Polytechnic, 2004

Dry Toilets in Europe
Tittiina Repka, Global Dry Toilet Club of Finland, 2004

CE-marking for dry toilets (abstract)
Kati Hinkkanen, Global Dry Toilet Club of Finland, 2004

Report on solutions and experiences of dry toilets installed inside houses
Raini Kiukas and Taina Vikman, Global Dry Toilet Club, 2003

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