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Development of Sanitation in Karelian villages, 2008-2011

Background, activities and goals
The project for development of sanitation in Karelian villages (HEL6312-23/14.2.2008) was launched in April 2008 with support from Ministry for Foreign Affairs as neighbouring area cooperation by NGOs. The concern of the alarming state of the Baltic Sea and the poor quality of drinking water in Karelia were the basis of the project.

During the project water and waste water management are developed as well as toilets and toilet waste management in the villages and tourist resorts of Lake Ladoga and Onega drainage areas. The project is divided in three stages. In the first stage a survey of the current practices will be made, second stage renewal plans and in the third stage wells, wastewater treatment systems and toilets will be improved.

The goal is clean drinking water, functioning dry toilets and waste water treatment either in communal level or in single properties. If the project is successful it will reduce polluting discharges on the surface waters, protect the ground waters and improve the state of the environment in general.

Supporting the project
The following Finnish dry toilet manufacturers have supported the project:
Biolan LLC,
Lassila&Tikanoja LLC,
Pikkuvihreä LLC,
Raita Environment LLC and
Suomen Clivus LLC.
Also individual donors have supported the project. By joining the Karelian DT-friends or by donating directly you can support the on-coming projects.

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