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Development of Sanitation in Karelian villages, 2008-2011

Results from 2008

The ground studies of the first stage were conducted in the villages of Paj and Derevjannoe and the Kizhi museum area. All together 90 properties were inspected. Two thirds were permanent or summer residencies and the rest were public properties.

Drinking water was collected from shared wells, on Kizhi also lake water was used for drinking. About 10 percent of the toilets were water closets. The dry toilets either didn’t have containers and/or the emptying was difficult or impossible. In private homes toilet waste was composted. Wastewaters were discharged in the nature without treatment or mixed into the compost. Only in Kizhi there was a small treatment plant for grey waters.

A dry toilet maintenance and toilet waste management guide was edited and translated into Russian.

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