The Lusaka dry sanitation development project

The association's third project in a developing country started in the spring of 2008 in Lusaka, the Zambian capital's suburb of Madimba. The project was implemented jointly between the association and local partner NECOS (Network for Environmental Concerns and Solutions).

The project's aims are to improve the poor sanitation in the area and increase human well being and awareness of hygiene by build dry latrines and water points and providing hygiene education. The three year project's main contributor is the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Project area

Madimba is an unofficial suburb of Lusaka which is located about 10 km northwest of the centre. The area is small, about 1,2km² but is home to about 6000 people. About 20% of the population keep small gardens in order to have food and livelihoods.

There is a difficult situation for water and sanitation in the area because there is no established water supply or sewage network. The existing toilets are pit latrines. One particular problem of the area is that the ground water level is close to the ground surface. In many places (especially during the rainy season) the water soaks yards and roads because there are no ditches or drainage systems. Thus pathogens are easily spread in a wet environment. The area has had several cholera epidemics. Exposed ground wells are contaminated in many places and there is only one municipal water source in the region which is open for a few hours a day.

To support the project

You can support the project through direct donations:
Account number: 510400-265201, recipient: Käymäläseura Huussi Association/Zambia, Ref: 107

What can the money buy?
- 1 euro: 1 water storage can
- 5 euroa: equipment for cleaning and maintaining toilets
- 15 euroa: to make squatting platform for a toilet
- 50 euroa: one child's share of the school dry toilets
- 250 euroa: hand washing facility for 10 children
- 2 000 euroa: 1 school latrine

Collection Authorisation: OKH136A (valid until 31/12/2010)
Collection Area: the whole of Finland (not the Åland Islands)

Toilet god-parenthood
We are searching for both companies and individuals to become toilet god-parents to support our cause. Join us to make the world healthier! More information on toilet god-parenthood.

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