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Dry Sanitation improvement program for Zambia

The aim of the ZASP-program, which started in the spring 2006, is to improve the weak condition of the sanitation in Kaloko and increase the wellfare and hygiene knowledge of the people. This will be done by building drytoilets and educating people about hygiene. The main funder during the three year program is the Ministry for foreign affairs of Finland.


Kaloko is situated in the North part of Zambia, in the Copperbelt-province, about 70 km south of Ndola. It has a surface area of about 260 km2 and its 11 villages are populated by about 10 000 people. The region has three bigger schools, a clinic, education center and several small village schools. Kaloko Trust Zambia is working as a local partner. More information about Zambia.

Nearly 60 percent of the people in the region don´t have a toilet. Some of the schools don´t have toilets at all or they are in a poor shape. Defecating on open ground or to water bodies are efficient ways in spreading diseases and create good conditions for the reproduction and spreading of parasites. It is hard for the children to go to school when they can´t go to the toilet for the whole day. Holding back and the unhygienic conditions cause for example urinary infections.


The program aims to improve the weak sanitation in the area and to educate the local people on hygiene issues. In practice this means building drytoilets and teaching people about hygiene. The first target are the toilets for the schools. Built toilets and hygiene education are hoped to serve as an initial push towards hygienic toilet culture. The aim is to inspire the people to build functional toilets for their families. The aim is also to increase the use of toiletwaste as fertilizers and therefore improve the farming conditions in the area. The use of toiletwaste is being studied and tested. At the same time possible doubts towards using toiletwaste are being eased.

A actionplan for the sanitation projects
A relevant part of the project is the creation of an actionplan. Special attention is put on how the local culture is taken in to account in planning of the teaching and the toilets. It is also important to develop good procedures for building the toilets from local materials. Clear instructions are made for the maintenance of the toilets and the use of the end product.

Pictures from the project area

Sponsoring companies
Helsingin water
Ecosir Oy
Agenda 21 for Southwest Finland
Tmi Kari Aarnivuo
Toinennäkyma Oy
Insinööritoimisto T. Niemelin

Project manager Sari Huuhtanen
e-mail: sambia (at) huussi.net
Tel. +358 45 356 4099

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